Addam Cave is the third son in the Cave lineage.

History: Edit

Being the third brother of a small house on Crackclaw Point, Addam knew from a early age that he did not have much hope of becoming Lord of the House.

At the age of Eight, Addam travelled as his brother Dunaver's page/squire. This experience led to visiting several different houses, most notably House Chyttering.

After a few years, while Addam was Ten and Seven, his middle brother struck a dishonest blow to the shoulder. This wound would cause a deficiency in Addam's shield (left) arm and would continue to plague Addam in the future.

Important Events: Edit

Sixth Era: Edit

After taking milk of the poppy, Addam has dreams about being in defending King's Landing. Addam takes a trip down to the capital, and there, meets his childhood friend Sallei Chyttering.

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