Abelar was squire to King Damon Lannister, until the King knighted him in the sixth era. He harbors romantic feelings for Queen Danae Targaryen.

History Edit

Abelar hails from House Greenfield in the Westerlands. Damon mistakenly referred to him as "Addam" for several years while he was in his service. He is described as having yellow hair and freckles.

Important Events Edit

Second Era Edit

Abelar replaced a boy named Denys as the King's squire. He rode by his side in the Riverlands.

Fourth Era Edit

In the fourth era, Abelar marched with King Damon in the War of the False King. He demonstrated a great interest in the knightly arts and practiced tilting frequently. He was frequently bullied by the squire of Ryman Sunglass, and broke his leg after falling in a horse race against him.

Fifth Era Edit

Abelar accompanied King Damon to the Westerlands, where he continued to build his reputation as a gifted jouster. On their return to the capital, the King, the Lord Commander, and Benfred Tanner were robbed by bandits posing as mummers. Abelar was held at knife point to force their surrender.

Sixth Era Edit

In the sixth era, Abelar traveled with King Damon to investigate progress on and complaints regarding the roads. After a Captain in Damon's army challenged a landed vassal to a duel for his daughter's hand, Abelar volunteered as champion to prevent the King from having to do so. He slew Ser Uthor Break-Back in the seventh tilt by accident after the knight refused to re-don his helm and charged prematurely.

Quotes Edit

“Knighthood can be fine, boy. You felt the mud beneath you when you fell? Sometimes it’s just that - mud and dirt and blood, and not all those wildflowers you slip into the Queen’s saddlebag.” - Ryman Sunglass

Did I ever tell you that you have my father’s name? He was the first person I went to when I killed my first man. I was thirteen, and he told me that it never gets easier. That was a lie too, though. It does get easier, if you’re not careful. I let it get easier. Abelar, I want you to understand when I say that I don’t think you will.” - Benfred Tanner

"...[H]is worst joust at ten and four was still a hundred times better than Damon’s best at any age. He had the gracefulness of Ulrich, the skill of Thaddius, and the horsemanship of Danae. Watching him was like observing a painter at his easel." - thoughts of Damon Lannister

“Knighthood is harder to live than your stories may say, as are vows. One day you will discover that." - Ryman Sunglass

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