Alekyne Spicer is the younger brother of Antario Spicer, and squire to Ryman Sunglass, the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard.

History Edit

Alekyne is observed as being an unruly boy, causing difficulties for his widowed mother. Jeyne Lannister secured him the role of squire to the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard in a political maneuver, in order to soften the blow of her temporary takeover and reforms of House Spicer. He is often seen bullying Abelar Greenfield, squire to King Damon Lannister.

Important Events Edit

Fifth Era Edit

Alekyne is made squire to Lord Commander Ryman Sunglass.

Quotes Edit

"The Lord Commander’s squire was by all accounts an ugly youth, with a pinched nose and big ears." - Blood and Whispers

 "Alekyne, I haven’t the slightest idea what to do about that boy. His temper knows no bounds.” - Tyana Spicer

“He lacks discipline. Such is to be expected when a boy has no father.” - Jeyne Lannister

"Alekyne is a good boy, he is, truly. He’s just free spirited, that’s all, like most great men are.” - Tyana Spicer 

"Before they had left, he found Alekyne throwing rats off the balcony over one of the kennels. The worst was that he had a little book where he was recording how long they lasted. That boy needed more than a clout in the ear. Clearly he wasn’t given enough at Castamere." - thoughts of Ryman Sunglass

Family Edit

Tyana Spicer, mother

Rylene Spicer, sister

Antario Spicer, brother

Sybell Spicer, sister

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