Alicent Baelish is the Lady of House Baelish and the last of her family's line.

History Edit

Alicent was raised at Harrenhal with her immediate family and her cousin, Marq. She showed great skill at painting and other art forms from a young age, as well as literature. She was very fond of her brother Petyr, and was not fond of Emmon.

She was betrothed to Walder Bracken, a knight of Stone Hedge, before the Ascent of the Lion. The two were very close and maintained their friendship, even after Alicent was forced to marry Brynden Frey.

Important Events Edit

First Era Edit

At the onset of war, Alicent fled Harrenhal with Marq, and once again fled briefly before his capture, making way for Lannisport, where she started a new life posing as a painter, studying at Old Tyrek's Academy in Lannistown.

Second Era Edit

Under the tutelage of Old Tyrek, Alicent's talent flourished. She studied the classic art-forms of famous Westerosi painters as well as some of the more exotic Essosi styles.

Third Era Edit

Alicent met and befriended Eryn, a fellow student at the academy. The two quickly grew close and became best friends. During this time, Old Tyrek recognized Alicent's skill and gave her a personal studio to continue her work.

Fourth Era Edit

After many years of painting and honing her talent, Old Tyrek taught Alicent impressionism, the last art-form required to graduate from the academy. He commissioned from her one final work and she produced an impressionist rendition of her former home at Harrenhal. Old Tyrek was impressed and declared her a master painter. She had officially graduated from the academy.

Fifth Era Edit

After several years in Old Tyrek's Academy, Alicent was discovered by Damon Lannister and Danae Targaryen a while after they visited, where they sent Brynden Frey to acquire her and soon after, wed her. While Brynden's attempts at finding her were initially met with failure, the Lannisport guard eventually found her and presented her before Brynden.

Sixth Era Edit

Alicent's relationship with her husband soured to the point of infidelity. She began an affair with Walder Bracken, heir to the lordship, encouraging him to rebel against Brynden Frey's rule.

Family Edit

Robert Baelish, father

Sansa Arryn, mother

Petyr Baelish, brother

Emmon Baelish, brother

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