Alyn is the twin brother of Cassana Connington, and is the son and heir of Lord Orys Connington, the Lord Paramount of the Stormlands after the Conningtons usurped the Lord Paramountcy and Storm's End from House Baratheon. He is betrothed to Sybelle Swann.

History Edit

Alyn Connington, often called "The Young Griffin" is a strong man, having inherited the physical prowess of his father. He was raised at Griffin's Roost.

Recent history Edit

Third Era Edit

The third era saw him travel all over Westeros, from the icy Wall to the deserts of Dorne. Plans of travel to Essos were abandoned after news of civil unrest. Returned to Storm's End after Orys Connington was chosen as Master of Coin. He ruled in his Father's stead.

Fourth Era Edit

Alyn ruled Storm's End in his father's absence, attempting to fix lordly relationships between House Connington and their vassals.

Fifth Era Edit

After ruling Storm's End in Orys's absence, Alyn still plays an active role in Stormlands politics. Orys arranged a marriage between his son and Brynden Frey's sister. Once Alysanne Rogers got wind of this plan, she formed a coalition with several other Storm lords (including Buckler, Penrose, Selmy and Staedmon), and approached Orys - hopeful to get him to marry Alyn to Sybelle Swann. He marched to Nightsong to reclaim it from the hands of Houses Ashford and Foote, and will wed the Swann girl as his father commands.

Sixth Era Edit

After reclaiming Nightsong from Houses Ashford and Foote along his father, Alyn traveled to King's Landing in order to attend the Masked Ball being hosted by the Queen Danae Targaryen for all of Westeros. After the ball, he became more actively involved in ruling Storm's End than ever.

Following an egregious trip to the capital, he was forcibly sent to Griffin's Roost by his father so he could become a better heir.

Quotes Edit

"Had he been that bold at twenty, or nine and ten, or however old [Alyn] Connington was?" - Thoughts of Damon Lannister

Family Members Edit

Orys Connington, Father

unnamed Tyrell, Mother

Cassana Connington, Sister

Alyce Connington, Aunt (deceased)



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