Andrey Martell is the bastard son of Prince Aryyn Martell, and half brother to Princess Sarella Martell. He was legitimized by King Damon Lannister for his services to the crown.

History Edit

Andrey is the oldest of the Bastard Scorpions. He left Sunspear sometime before the first era after an argument with his father. He spent the following years travelling Essos.

Important Events Edit

Fifth Era Edit

Andrey returned to Sunspear in the fifth era, where he met with his half sister Sarella and her husband, Martyn Dayne. Some sort of confrontation with Ellaria Uller resulted in the Dornishwoman asking the Princess to send him away. He went to Plankytown until being summoned by the Princess and sent to Essos in search of a new Master of Whisperers for the Iron Throne to replace Rymar Royce.

Andrey went first to Pentos, and from there Braavos. In Braavos he met Captain Assadora, who took him to Lorath after he led her to believe he was the Prince of Dorne. There, penniless and stranded, Andrey met an agent of Ghael the Tall, who attempted to recruit him as a spy. Andrey countered by extending the offer of the small council seat to Ghael.

After delivering Ghael to King's Landing, Damon Lannister rewarded Andrey by legitimizing him as the son of Aryyn Martell, knowing that by virtue of being older than Sarella Martell, his legitimacy would threaten her claim to the kingdom and head of House Martell.

Andrey fled to Pentos, where he was subsequently abducted by Captain Assadora, who forced him to wed her for his claim to Dorne.

Family Edit

Aryyn Martell, father (deceased)

Sarella Martell, half sister

Trystane Sand, half brother

Mallor Sand, half brother (deceased)

Maron Sand, half brother

Quotes Edit

“Flee, why does everyone insist that I fled? When Trystane left the Citadel he ’liberated’ himself, and when Mallor abandoned the City Watch he was ‘seeking greater honors,’ yet when I decide I want to explore the world outside this pathetic, backwards ‘realm’ you insist on remaining a part of, I’m fleeing.” - Andrey Sand

"He was his mother’s son, with her cinnamon hair and Sandy Dornish complexion, but he had their father’s smile." - Blood and Whispers

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