Androw Manderly is the current Lord of White Harbour, inheriting the position from his ailing cousin Wyman Manderly. His rule has been plagued by issues with his dealings (or lack thereof) with Easterners.

Androw Manderly

History Edit

A cousin to Lord Wyman Manderly, it was never dreamt that one day Androw would become the likely heir to White Harbour. His cousin (though rotund) had always had a good constitution. Nevertheless when he came of age he was pronounced heir to the Manderly Lands until such time as Wyman produced an heir.

Much to Androw’s chagrin, Wyman was a man of finery, taking pleasure in rich foods, fine wines, and exotic women. He invited many men from Essos to come serve in his castle, and even took the daughter of one of them to wife.

Disgusted by his cousin-in-law's corruption and indulgent personlity, Androw went on an extended hunt that soon came to be seen as a self-imposed exile more than anything else. For years he was not seen at White Harbour. In fact the only reports of him were from small towns dotting the Manderly lands, where he would show up now and then with a buck over his shoulders. He would stay a night or two in the town, buy some supplies and trim his beard, before disappearing into the wilds once more.

After his cousin's wife fathered a bastard Androw decided to return to White Harbour to save the Manderly name. It seemed that all would come to naught until suddenly Wyman took ill after a particularly lavish course of eel pies.

Reports of the woman’s affairs seemed only to grow after Wyman took ill, and it was not long until Androw came upon the needed evidence to cast out the Essosi staff. After coming upon the woman in bed with another man he was able to make his case to the Septons and courtiers, and she was summarily expelled. Androw took it a step further by expelling the entirety of the Essosi staff, for by now he harboured a deep hate of any Essosi for what he perceived as their gluttonous and corrupting influences.

Important Events Edit

Fourth Era Edit

Androw became regent of White Harbour after his cousin fell ill, he immediately began restricting Essosi access to the city before completely banning them from the Harbour.

Fifth Era Edit

After Wyman's death Androw took up the Lordship of White Harbour, immediately a conflict began to grow between himself and supporters of his cousin-in-law Lysa.

Family Edit

Ser Harold Manderly, father (deceased)

Lady Tanselle Rykker, mother (deceased)

Renfred Rykker, cousin

Wyman Manderly, cousin (deceased)

Lysa, cousin-in-law

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