Arwyn is a travelling bard from the North. She is unaligned with any particular house or region, but is partial towards common folk.

History Edit

Arwyn was born in the North to the wife of a horse breeder, by an unknown father. Her mother died in childbirth and the horse breeder raised Arwyn as his own. Although illiterate, he shared what little knowledge he had with her, namely his talent with lyric and lyre.

At the age of three-and-ten her adopted father died of illness during the Spring Without Sun. She sold the remaining horses to travel to White Harbor but was set upon by thugs and lost all her possessions, narrowly escaping with her life. Arwyn then became a beggar and petty thief on the streets of White Harbor until she stole enough money to buy another lyre, after which she began playing at inns and taverns in exchange for a safe roof over her head and a meal.

Now nine-and-ten, Arwyn never stays in one place for too long, and joins temporarily with anyone who offers her safe travel to the next town, paying them back with her songs. Despite her inability to read or write, her years in learning and composing songs have educated Arwyn in the spoken form of language.

Quotes Edit

"Some might call me deeply ambivalent. I suppose I could say that I am, and I am not."

"My music is simple, true magic. It is the Sweet Summer Rains after a drought, the Freshly Baked Bread of the morning, the Waterfalls Around Bear Island or the Stars Reflected in the Lake. My songs are made for the lowly blind-man who will never see such things for himself, but I will make him see. Music can be used for so much more than as a means to lick a highborn's boots."

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