Asher is a not so well known sellsword who travels around Westeros in search of wealth and renown.

History Edit

Asher was born to a poor family who directly served House Sunderly. At a young age he left home to serve as a retainer for the Sunderly's, giving him very little time to spend with his family.

On his nineteenth name day, Asher left with several dozen other Ironborn to raid an undisclosed location within Slaver's Bay. Asher and the other Ironborn didn't return when they were supposed to. His family and close friends waited for days, the days turned into weeks, and the weeks into months.

Important Events Edit

Sixth Era Edit

Asher is reunited with his older half brother Dagon. The two agree to work together and form a sellsword company that will be unlike any other.

Quotes Edit

Family Members Edit

Arnol, father (deceased)

Marleigh, mother (deceased)

Dagon, half-brother

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