Auris Theo hen Eglenton was the semi-legendary Grandwisdom of the Lysene Alchemists Guild. He died many years ago, but his teachings form the basis of Lys' Alchemical knowledge. 


Auris was born in Lys very soon after the doom. He studied first in Lys, then according to most accounts left to study under the legendary Gerber of Goggossos. After mastering his teachings, he returned to Lys and set about a reformation and combination of the various alchemical societies into the modern guild. He was named the first Grandwisdom and invented many of the poisons that Lys is know for, including the Strangler and the Tears of Lys, named after the city's patron goddess. 

In his later years, Auris would turn to the more mystical side of his craft and attempted to create the Ledar Glaesor, the fluid of life, said to be able to prolong life and rejuvinate the body. Before his death, he declared the great quest of Alchemy impossible. 

After his death, there was no one alchemist prestigious or wise enough to follow him, as such, his pupils each became Grandwisdoms, representing the seven lodges of alchemy. 


Auris turned Lys' alchemists away from the more mystical and towards the more practical sides of the craft. However, personally, he was forever enthused by the less concrete and more magical parts of Alchemy. His writings would reflect this paradox, some of them being highly technical texbooks and treatises on mathmatics, others being highly speculative and philiosphical, focusing on personal growth and the higher mysteries.. 

As well as the alchemists, Auris would inspire a number of secret societies, named the Theonians, in Lys and elsewhere drawing on his teachings. 

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