Bael Ashford is the former Lord of Ashford and father to Baelor Ashford, Harlen Ashford, and Maege Ashford. He also had a sister named Alerie Ashford.

History Edit

Bael was very close with his sister Alerie and had an enormous amount of love for her. Alerie was sent to Nightsong for some time where the Castellan of the castle soon fell in love with her. However, Alerie had eyes only for Bryce Caron who was to become their lord. Rather unexpectedly, a marriage pack was arranged between Alerie and Bryce Caron. Before their vows, Bryce impregnated Alerie with a son to be named Maron. Bryce then forsook their engagement and took a Velaryon to bride instead. Alerie later died giving birth, but Bael vowed revenge.

Important Events Edit

Fifth Era Edit

Bael manipulated the Castellan of Nightsong and bought the captain of the guard while Rhaenys Caron and Corliss Caron were away from the keep. Bael claimed the castle in the name of his bastard nephew Maron and brought troops to defend it. This news soon reached Corliss who had just married the daughter of Orys Connington who brought the strength of the Stormlands down upon Nightsong. During the fighting, Corliss killed Bael.

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