Bael Surefoot

Bael Surefoot is a thirteen year-old recruit of the Night's Watch.


Bael was named after Bael the Bard, a king-beyond-the-Wall, because the day he was born a drunken northman claimed to be his father, and made up the name. Bael's mother was a whore, stupid, and she loved the name. His childhood was hard. He grew up in the brothel, and wandered the streets of Fleabottom. At the age of four, his mother got another child, of another customer. To feed the two women in his life, Bael stole bread from bakers, meat from butchers. To escape them, he climbed. He climbed high, and never fell. This habit earned him the nickname Bael Surefoot, and all of his friends in Fleabottom called him that.

Important EventsEdit

First EraEdit

Bael's mother was mudered by a drunken customer. Bael and his little sister landed on the streets. Bael survived by stealing, begging and climbing away from goldcloaks. His sister mostly by begging.

Second EraEdit

One day, Bael's speed didn't save him. He was running away from the baker he stole a tart from, when a goldcloak knocked him down with his spear. He woke up travelling towards the Wall, leaving his sister behind. He is now three and ten.

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