Baelor Tyrell was the Lord of Highgarden, Lord Paramount of the Reach, and Warden of the South.


Baelor was educated by a skilled maester, and trained at arms by some of the best knights in the Reach. Taking to books as well as the sword, Baelor proved a worthy heir to his father, who was of middling capabilities at best as lord of the Reach. He spent as much time in Kings Landing as in Highgarden, and grew to know the Baratheon princes Harys Baratheon and Joseph Baratheon well.

At 19, Baelor married lady Alysanne of house Redwyne after asking for her favor at a tourney. Within a year, their twin sons Garth and Olyvar were born. Garth Tyrell was the elder of the two, and from a young age, Olyvar Tyrell was encouraged to study to become a maester to remove him from the line of inheritance. A year later, Troy Tyrell was born, followed by Baelor's first daughter, Maude Tyrell. Before the year was out, Baelor had begotten a bastard on a serving girl and recognized and named him Aurane Flowers. Over the next couple of years, Baelor became Lord of Highgarden at his father's passing and two more children were born, Benjen Tyrell and then Mellara Tyrell.

Important EventsEdit

First Era Edit

In the first era, Baelor sided with House Baratheon during the Ascent of the Lion. The war saw the destruction of his seat and house, along with the deaths of most of his children. Baelor himself was killed during the Battle of the Kingswood, and the wardenship of the South was bestowed upon House Hightower.


Olyvar Tyrell , son 

Troy Tyrell, son (deceased)

Maude Tyrell, daughter (deceased)

Benjen Tyrell , son (deceased)

Meredyth Tyrell , daughter

Mellara Tyrell , daughter (deceased)