Balon Thorne was the former lord of House Thorne, after his brother and father died during the Ascent of the Lion. He was lord until being tortured to death in the Black Cells.

History Edit

Balon Thorne was a lonely child, whose only older brother constantly ignored him despite the fact they were only year apart in age. His younger brothers stayed together leaving Balon on his own. Balon knew his brother was going to be lord someday, so he decided sell his sword. He did so for years, until he got news that his father and been killed.

He returned home, claimed the lordship, and tried to rebuild his house.

He was often called "The Mace".

After walking into the Red Keep with his sword drawn, he was thrown into the Black Cells and eventually tortured to death.

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Sixth Era Edit

Family Edit

Arthur Thorne, Father-Deceased

Jaime Thorne, Older Brother-Deceased

Lucas Thorne, Younger Brother

Kevan Thorne, Youngest Brother

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