The Bastard Scorpions are the half brothers of Sarella Martell, Princess of Dorne. The bastard sons of Prince Aryyn and his various paramours are each known to use poison in some way.

Andrey Sand is the oldest, and spends most of his time in Essos. Trystane Sand is the paramour of Myriah Jordayne, the Lady of Tor. Having studied briefly at the Citadel before being expelled for unknown reasons, he and the Lady Jordayne use herbs and plants recreationally. Maron Sand is reputed to fight with poisoned weapons. Mallor Sand wielded a spear and his interest in poisons stemmed from his fascination with nature. His murder in Pentos sparked a genocide of the Pentoshi in Dorne, and a war between the free city and Tryosh.

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