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Benjen Tully is the last living heir to the House Tully, after the death of his father.

History Edit

Benjen is the son of Walder Tully, a drunkard with no ambition or courage in the service of House Blackwood. Benjen was a diligent young lad that trained and studied hard until he became a squire in the service of a household knight of Lord Edmure Blackwood at the age of ten. Benjen continued to train tirelessly throughout his employment as a squire, always trying to better himself and grow stronger. The Maester of House Blackwood taught the young boy his letters and numbers, as well as his history and heraldry, focusing on the Riverlands. At the age of nineteen, Benjen earned his knighthood and pledged himself to House Blackwood and its lord. After his father died from his persistent drinking, Lord Blackwood felt it wise to safeguard the last remaining Tully and Benjen was prevented from venturing out of the castle much to his displeasure.

Important Events Edit

Fourth Era Edit

Lord Edmure Blackwood was able to broker a deal with Brynden Frey to restore Riverrun to Benjen Tully. Benjen later accompanied Lord Blackwood to King's Landing, finally able to display the Tully fish on blue and red.

Fifth Era Edit

Benjen attended the royal feast to announce the creation of House Lannister Targaryen. There he met Dagon Greyjoy and agreed to take on his bastard son, Urrigon Pyke, as a squire. Benjen was later involved in an incident with Dagon's wife, Victaria and Lewys Penrose. Benjen returned to Raventree Hall to wed a Blackwood before traveling to see Septon Terrence Fossoway. The Septon agreed to send smallfolk to Riverrun after the castle fell.

Benjen joined forces with Brynden Frey in the siege of Riverrun. The two had an altercation during a strategy meeting because Benjen wanted to assault the castle, while Brynden wanted them to wait. Benjen was later joined by Arthur Vance, who helped him to devise a plan to take Riverrun. Sometime later, Benjen led a night attack on the castle with what little men he had. His efforts were saved when Brynden decided to join the fight and Riverrun fell.

Quotes Edit

Family Members Edit

Walder Tully, Father (deceased)

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