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Benjen Tyrell was the youngest trueborn son of Baelor TyrellHe was slain by his brother Troy Tyrell  at the command of Ser Thaddius Lannister along the road to King's Landing after being taken hostage.


Benjen was born and raised at Highgarden in the Reach, and trained at arms from an early age. He was known to have a cruel streak and a short temper.

Recent HistoryEdit

First Era:Edit

Benjen was captured by Thaddius Lannister, along with his brother Troy Tyrell and his sister Mellara Tyrell outside of Oldtown. While being escorted to the capital, Troy killed Benjen after they were forced to fight to death. 


Family MembersEdit

Baelor Tyrell, father (deceased)

Maude Tyrell, sister (deceased)

Mellara Tyrell, sister (deceased)

Meredyth Tyrell, sister

Troy Tyrell, brother (deceased)

Olyvar Tyrell, brother