Bennis of Maidenpool Edit

The distinguished mercenary by justaman78-d34fym3
Bennis of Maidenpool is Captain of the Guard in Heart's Home, serving under Loras Corbray.

History Edit

Bennis was born to a whore in Maidenpool, and he was sent to live with a nearby Sept when he was very young. He ran away from them, living as an urchin in Maidenpool until fourteen, when he was found by Lewys, and he was recruited into the Salt Hound mercenary company, where Lewys became a father figure to him, and the company his family. He spent most of his life with the company, visiting every city on the Narrow Sea, and many others. He became an excellent fighter, and he was placed in charge of training of new recruits of the company. When the Ascent of the Lion began, the company went to fight in the war, and they disbanded shortly after it ended. Bennis became a freelance mercenary, protecting caravans and wealthy men.

Important Events Edit

Sixth Era Edit

His travels brought him to the Eyrie, where he watched the trial of Lord Waldon Corbray. After the trial, Bennis met Lewys, who was running a tavern in the Eyrie. It was there that he met Loras Corbray, who offered him a job as Captain of the Guard in Heart's Home if he would be one of his champions in the Trial by Seven. Bennis agreed, and they left for Heart's Home after winning the trial.

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