Beric Storm is a ranger of the Night's Watch.


History Edit

Beric Storm is a bastard from the Stormlands. He left his home around age 12 to join a small band of bandits in order to make some money and food. He gained some fighting ability while with the bandits, solely dual wielding a one handed axe as his main weapon. His time with the bandits ended when a raid on a caravan went wrong, leaving only him alive. It was after this he swore off being an outlaw, preferring to ride north to Castle Black to become a brother of the Night's Watch.

Events Edit

Third Era Edit

Beric takes his vows in a rushed ceremony, becoming a ranger of the Night's Watch.

Beric, Artos Harclay, and two other rangers, Rolf and Gawen go on a ranging mission north of the wall. They eventually encounter a band of five wildlings. Beric commands the rangers to ambush the party after getting no information from scouting the group. Rolf dies in the fight, something that weighs heavily on Beric who blames himself for Rolf's death. Beric converts to the religion of the Old Gods after encountering a Weirwood tree with Artos Harclay.

On his return he is comforted by Master at Arms Victarion Blacktyde, whom gives Beric his personal sword.

Beric leaves Castle Black along with Artos Harclay to take control over the Nightfort. Beric is appointed as the lead ranger of the Nightfort under Artos Harclay's command.

On a ride north of the wall, Beric encounters Artos Harclay and Jojen Stark's ranging party under attack by wildlings. He takes an injured Jojen Stark back to the Nightfort, getting him there in time to save his life.

Quotes Edit

By Beric Edit

"I will try at you, but if you kill me I swear to the old gods, the new gods, the red god, the drowned god, and every other God in ever other heaven there may be that I will haunt your dreams until your last breath."

-To Artos Harclay during a sparring session

"I've been called many things, but friend is certainly not one of them."

-To Artos Harclay upon meeting him

About Beric Edit

"They say, bastards are dangerous men and you, Storm look twice as dangerous as that."

-Artos Harclay

"You're a confident talker and an even more confident fighter, which is saying something."

-Victarion Blacktyde

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