Bethany Mullendore Edit


Bethany Mullendore is the Lady Dowager of Uplands, and Ser Owen Mullendore's widow. She was born a Florent and has no surviving siblings. She has chestnut brown hair and gray eyes. She is often described as graceful and proper, but isn't known for being kind.

History Edit

Bethany Mullendore was born to Lucas and Amerei Florent, a distant cousin line. She was betrothed to and later married Owen Mullendore after Amerei caught her kissing Luthor X. She was married young, even though her mother never revealed her secret.

She is in love with Luthor X, who she convinced her husband to take on as Uplands' steward only a few years after the two were married. She has been carrying on a secret affair with him since. She believes that her sons Osmund and Ben were fathered by Luthor.

Family Members Edit

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