Bethany Stark (Neè Bolton) is the lady of Winter after marrying Jojen Stark, following the restoration of House Bolton.


She was the middle child of Walton Bolton, twin to Olyvar Bolton. During the Bolton Uprising the twins were the only ones to escape Edmure Stark's wroth. That put all the known Boltons to the sword.

Recent HistoryEdit

First Era Edit

The twins remained in hiding near White Harbor. Masquerading as simple smallfolk. 

Second Era Edit

The twins remained in hiding. 

Third Era Edit

The twins continued to remain in hiding. 

Fourth Era Edit

The twins discovered Jojen Stark smuggling his lover Thaddius Lannister back to the North and "rescued" the Lion Prince's squire from being lost. Discovering their secrets through the squire the two conspired to blackmail Jojen to restore their House back to power. Olyvar went to Winterfell with the proposal while Bethany stayed behind to look after the squire. Olyvar soon returned with the proposal accepted.  

Fifth Era Edit

Olyvar Bolton convinced Jojen to take Bethany Bolton as his lady wife. Jojen agreed to keep the Bolton's power in line and held a Feast to honor their return to power. Soon Thaddius Lannister was poisoned, which benefitted the Bolton's greatly.  

The twins soon conspired together to discover the killer of the lion prince. Making allies and enemies on the way.  

Family MembersEdit

Walton Bolton, Father (Desceased)

Olyvar Bolton, Twin Brother (Lord of Dreadfort)

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