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Brandon Marbrand is the heir to Ashemark, son of Clement Marbrand and Joy Farman.

History Edit

Brandon lived in Ashemark until his his fourth name day when he was sent to Faircastle to be fostered by his mother's father. Brandon was sent back to Ashemark when he turned ten and was taught by his father until his thirteenth name day when he was sent to Casterly Rock as a squire. He earned his knighthood when he was one and twenty and fought in the Ascent of the Lion with the Lannisters while his father was crippled in the sack of King's Landing. Brandon then lead the Marbrand troops during the War of the False King, though the Westerlands armies never made it to Oldtown before the rebellion was over.

Important Events Edit

Sixth Era Edit

Brandon left his wife Jeyne Jast to travel to King's Landing.

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