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Meera Brea

Brea Hersy is the second daughter of Glendon Hersy, the late Lord of Newkeep.

History Edit

Brea was raised in part by her father and in part by her maester, who employed harsh physical punishment in his approach.

She often hoards her family's old letters to practice the handwriting of other lords and ladies, and has occasionally used this skill to fool her sister.

Important Events Edit

Sixth Era Edit

When Brea learned of her sister's abuse at the hands of her house's maester, she attempted to correct it by forging a letter to the Citadel in the hopes of exposing him. When this failed, she instead forged a letter from her dead mother to be received by her father in an attempt to remind him of what his priorities should be.

Family Edit

Glendon Hersy, father (deceased)

Armen Hersy, brother

Tyta Hersy, sister

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