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Bryan Forrester is the Lord of Ironrath, Head of House Forrester and bannerman of House Stark. He appears to be about 60 years of age.

History Edit

Bryan is the son of Lord Robert Forrester and Lady Gwin Forrester. He is the oldest of 3 children, Olyvar, Cedrik, and Brandon. As the oldest would, Bryan was the ringleader of his group of brothers, always letting them win at hide-and-seek in the grove, and when he came of age, was taught to be a proper lord, leaving the fun and games behind him. Bryan began sword training with his brother Olyvar, who was only two years younger than him.

As they got older, Cedrik and Brandon became more akin to reading and writing than swordsmanship and archery, whereas Bryan and Olyvar became expert swordsmen, although Bryan always seemed to be slightly better than Olyvar, which made them develop a bitter rivalry, fueled by jealousy and hatred. At 16, Bryan was practicing in the yard with Olyvar, when suddenly some bloodlust rage overtook Olyvar and he began swinging wildly at Bryan, cutting his cheek before he was tackled and pinned down. After that, the two never spoke, never sparred, and were hardly ever even seen together.

Reaching 20 years old, Bryan started to dislike the idea of having to take over Ironrath one day, so he ran away in the night to the Wall, hoping to leave a world in which he described as, "A place of titles and ranks where your name matters more than who you actually are." However, as he began to approach the Wall, the thought of Olyvar being made lord overtook his mind, and he felt as though Olyvar would be the one to destroy his house, if made lord. So Bryan turned around and reluctantly made his way home. Upon arriving home, he learned his father had fallen ill in the night, and would most likely die soon. In his final wishes, he asked Bryan to rule Ironrath strongly, and kindly, as a wise lord should. Robert died a day later, and Bryan was named Lord of Ironrath.

Bryan then ruled, wisely as his father had taught him to, with Brandon as his Sentinal, and Cedrik as the maester. He even settled issues with Olyvar, and had him train the troops. Bryan married a minor nobles daughter named Jayne Kardal, and two years after their marriage they had twins, Edric and Bethany. A year after the birth of his children, Bryan began to fall in love with a milkmaid named Kyra, who often supplied Ironrath with food and other supplies. The two slept together one night, and had a child, Rickard. Shortly after Rickard's birth, Kyra died of a fever, and Bryan gladly took in their child to raise, under Jayne's one condition, that he not be associated with any of their trueborn children, to which Bryan reluctantly agreed, yet more often than not ignored, as he often let his youngest daughter, Sarra, play with Rickard in the grove, with the others.

Recent History Edit

Pre-First Era Edit

The most personal war Bryan fought was one that took place between House Forrester and House Whitehill, a bloody affair in which many hundreds were killed on both sides including Rickard Whitehill's third son, Kyren.

House Forrester sided with the Starks during the Ascent of the Lion and Bryan was often on the councils therein.

First Era Edit

One fateful evening, during a feast in honor of Edric's name-day, Olyvar crashed through the front doors, sword drawn, and challenged Bryan's right to rule with a duel, and after many attempts to calm Olyvar, Bryan was forced to fight, and so he did, killing Olyvar with a swift stab into the heart.

Fourth Era Edit

Bryan's second oldest child, Bethany, died of a sudden fever, leaving a large mark in the Forrester family.

Fifth Era Edit

The Whitehills approached Bryan in an effort to quell the bitter rivalry between the Forrester's and Whitehill's. Bryan accepted wholeheartedly, understanding that the last Forrester-Whitehill war had been started without Rickard's approval and the deaths has been meaningless. In a sign of good faith, Bryan gifted a portion of their ironwood forests to the Whitehills in exchange for their support and goodwill.

Quotes Edit

"Bryan is the lord many will aspire to be, strong, a sense of right, and he knows what needs to be done in any situation, I swear it." -Brandon Forrester

"One day he didn't come to the grove, Olyvar was probably more upset than any of us when we found out he wouldn't be able to play as much. He became so serious, and he'd always be pushing us to work harder, it's like he just snapped one day into the young lord father wanted." -Cedrik Forrester

"I can see it in him, Bryan doesn't want to be lord, you may just see a young man working hard, but I see a young man, who doesn't like that his destiny is thrown before him. But he will know what to do." - Robert Forrester

Family Members Edit

Robert Forrester, father (deceased)

Gwin Forrester, mother (deceased)

Olyvar Forrester, brother (deceased)

Brandon Forrester, brother

Cedrik Forrester, brother

Jayne Forrester, wife

Edric Forrester, son

Bethany Forrester, daughter (deceased)

Rickard Snow, son

Sarra Forrester, daughter

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