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Calon Sloane is the Lord of House Sloane. He is ten and seven years old, having been born in 491 AC.

History Edit

Calon grew up with his two younger sisters, Margot and Olenna and his bastard half-brother Joffrey Flowers (who is now his squire). He enjoyed fishing as a boy and injured himself at sea multiple times, adding scars to his face which make him less attractive.

Important Events Edit

6th Era: Edit

Calon made his way to the Tourney at Appleton, where he and Lord Theomore Inchfield discussed his sister's betrothal to Ser Harys Inchfield.

Quotes: Edit

"Theomore was a tall man himself, and also quite thin, but Lord Sloane was easily four or five inches taller." Ser Domeric Inchfield's mind

Family Members: Edit

Olyvar "Yellow" Sloane, father (deceased)

Margot Sloane, younger sister, aged 16

Olenna Sloane, younger sister, aged 14

Joffrey Flowers, Bastard half-brother and squire, aged 16

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