Below is a list of places established in canon by GoTRP players, including cities, towns, inns, businesses and other places of note.

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Crownlands Edit

King's Landing

Unnamed Inn, off the beaten path, run by Benfred Tanner's mother

A mill, run by the family of Captain Willas of the Goldcloaks

The Dragon's Flagon, an inn north of Rhaenys' Hill frequented by the Goldcloaks from the Eastern Barracks

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Reach Edit

Rington, a town between Highgarden and Cider Hall, next to the Ring, the seat of House Roxton.

Rosewyck, a town on Southshield.

Longwatch, the seat of House Serry on Southshield. In the process of being rebuilt.

Macetown, a village in the region of Appleton.

The Mermaid's Tail, an old sept turned into an inn and tavern. It's in the middle of Macetown right by the lake

The Old Widow's House, an inn and tavern in Rington.

Riverlands Edit

Harrentown, a large town just outside of Harrenhal, run by Master Allister

Dirtson, formerly Wenchshield, a town on the Kingsroad at the border of the Riverlands and Crownlands

Appleton, a town created by the remaining members of Septon Fossoway's flock, on the South shore of the God's Eye.

Sprig's Host, seat of House Charlton. A large defendable keep on a hill with a small town at the foot of it.

Halfmoon Inn, an inn located in Dirtson off the Kingsroad by the border of the Riverlands and Crownlands

Stormlands Edit

Stag's Den, a small keep and even smaller town off the coast of Shipbreaker Bay, seat of House Wensington

Westerlands Edit


Cold Hole, a small village in the mountains on the Gold Road

Millerstown and Hayfield, two villages between Casterly Rock and Tarbeck Hall

Ser Ketter's castle, a small holding in the valley on the Gold Road

Plumbridge, a town at the foot of the hill upon which stands the Runefort, seat of House Plumm

The Blue Eyed Maiden and Bridgeview Inn, two taverns in Plumbridge

The Gilded Pepperpot, an inn on Castamere lands.

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