Below is a list of characters from major houses who exist in the sub but are not being played by any individual on the RP. For an alphabetical list of all unclaimed characters, please scroll to the bottom of the page.

House Baratheon

Cleos Baratheon

Patrek Baratheon

House Dayne

Jon Dayne

Cailin Dayne

Ashara Dayne

Arianne Dayne

House Frey

Alester Frey

Allysa Frey

Jason Frey

Tywin Frey

House Lannister

Ashara Lannister

House Martell

Aryk Martell

House Tyrell

Olyvar Tyrell

Melessa Tyrell (formerly Merryweather)

Leonette Tarly (formerly Tyrell)