Catelyn of Eastcroft is the former love of Nathaniel Arryn , and the mother of his bastard daughter Mya Rivers.

History Edit

She grew up the only child of a farmer, her mother having died in childbirth, nearby the village of Eastcroft. It was in Eastcroft that she and Nathaniel met when she was eighteen. The two quickly fell in love. Nathaniel's father uprooted her family from Eastcroft upon learning of their love, but not before Catelyn grew with child. In Maidenpool, where they still live, she gave birth to their daughter, Mya Rivers.

Recent History Edit

First Era Edit

Catelyn and Mya were relatively untouched by the War of the Lion's Ascent.

Second Era Edit

The second era contained no events for Catelyn.

Third Era Edit

Catelyn began to heard rumors of Nathaniel's promotion to the Hand of the King during the third era, and correctly guessing them to be correct sent him a letter to congratulate him. Nathaniel confirmed the rumors in his reply back, but that letter turned out to be their last correspondence. Catelyn's father died of sickness soon after.

Fourth Era Edit

During a trip to the local market, Catelyn and Mya were attacked by a pair of thugs, and while they were not injured the confrontation, along with her father's death, left Catelyn incredibly paranoid. Catelyn's means of writing Nate were soon after destroyed in a fire, prompting Catelyn to decide to travel to King's Landing herself, with Mya in tow.

Quotes Edit

Family Edit

Edmund of Eastcroft - Father

Mya Rivers - Daughter

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