Ser Cedric Prester is a Sworn Knight to House Prester, and brother to the Lord of Feastfires.


Cedric spent his early childhood as a page and later squire to Gunthor Lannister. He is the youngest and fourth child of Ulrich Prester, Lord of House Prester. Cedric has seen it his purpose to become strong willed and dependable, following as closely he can the guidelines of Knighthood and Chivalry.

Recent HistoryEdit

Fifth Era Edit

Cedric was knighted upon his seventeenth name day, when Gunthor Lannister believed he had no more to teach. It was not long after they parted ways, that he learned of his former master's unfortunate death to the hands of Benfred Tanner.

Sixth Era Edit

Cedric left the service of House Prester after a falling out with his father. Since then he visited the Capital, where he attended Princess Daena's nameday and Symeon Stark's trial.

Quotes Edit

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