Portrait of Cellador
Ser Cellador Sarwyck is the son of Lord Stafford Sarwyck, and heir to House Sarwyck of Riverspring. He is the older brother of Laena Sarwyck and Jason Hill, and the younger cousin of Elinor Sarwyck.

Appearance Edit

Cellador is tall and handsome, with emerald green eyes and shoulder-length black hair that he wears loose. He keeps himself clean shaven and presentable at all times.

Cellador wears plate armour dyed a dark scarlet and a cloak of white satin in tournaments and regal affairs. Cellador aternatively wears a scarlet tunic with a light cloak pinned with the broken silver sword of his house.

History Edit

Cellador is the first-born son of Lord Stafford Sarwyck and his wife Lady Shiera Westford.

As a youth Cellador was known for being vain, hot-headed, and entitled. His disposition towards others earned him many rivals among the other boys at court. When Cellador was eight, he was sent to his family's manse in King's Landing to be squired and educated by Lord Stafford's younger brother, Edric.

In King's Landing, Cellador found he had a natural talent with both blade and lance and by his six-and-tenth nameday he was considered one of the better blades in King's Landing.

King's Landing is also where Cellador first met his cousin, Elinor Sarwyck, only child of Ser Edric. The two formed a close bond and were often inseparable. The bond developed into love as the two young Sarwycks grew into adult-hood. Their affair has remained a secret, yet many question the closeness of the two and wonder why the heir of Sarwyck has remained unmarried.

When Cellador turned nine-and-ten his father requested he return home to Riverspring and resume his duties as heir. Cellador returned home to Riverspring and brought Elinor with him to serve as his mother's handmaid.

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