Dake Arryn is the youger brother of the regent Lord Paramount of the Vale, Nathaniel Arryn, and was castellan of the Eyrie during Nathaniel's time on the Small Council.


Dake Arryn, younger brother of Lord Nathaniel Arryn, was confined to a bed for the better part his childhood due to an illness. Vale lords often referred to him as a "cripple," though rarely within earshot of the Arryns. He recovered slowly, and as a young adult is now able to lead a normal life.

Important Events:Edit

Second EraEdit

Dake was appointed castellan of the Eyrie when Nathaniel Arryn was appointed to the Small Council.

Third EraEdit

In order to get to know the Lords and Ladies of the Vale, Dake Arryn began a journey through the Mountains of the Moon and the Vale of Arryn. On the way he met Lysa Waynwood in Ironaok, where they fell in love. When Nathaniel returned to the Eyrie, he scolded Dake for neglecting his duties as castellan, and gave the position to Elyssa Arryn instead until his eventual more permanent return to the Vale.


"He just sort of comes and goes as he pleases, and if someone isn't keeping a watchful eye at all times, well, he tends to disappear." - Elyssa Arryn, explaining how Dake shirked his duties as castellan

Family MembersEdit

Rumar Arryn, father (deceased)

Alyane Arryn, mother (deceased)

James Arryn, brother (deceased)

Nathaniel Arryn, brother

Elyssa Arryn, sister

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