Dalbridge Paege is the current head of the presumed extinct House Paege. He is currently living in the Riverlands as a hedge knight.

History Edit

Dalbridge was raised in Threewalls, the seat of House Paege, among his brothers and sisters. He was trained, and knighted, by his uncle.

Important Events Edit

First Era Edit

Ascent of the Lion Edit

Dalbridge fought with his house against the ironborn raiders in the Riverlands. After the death of his father and older brother Dalbridge became the head of House Paege.

Second Era Edit

Third Era Edit

Fourth Era Edit

Fifth Era Edit

After hearing that Lady Alicent Baelish, the last of his form overlord house, was alive and going to be married to Brynden Frey, Dalbridge made his way to the Twins. After he was removed from the tourney at the Twins, Dalbridge spoke with Alicent, swearing himself to her, and her house, provided she aid his family.

Quotes Edit

Family Edit

Dran Paege, Father (Deceased)

Myranda Paege, Mother

Dake Paege, Brother (Deceased)

Sarra Paege, Sister

Dafyn Paege, Bother (Deceased)

Harra Paege, Sister

Beric, Uncle

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