Dalton Drumm is a lesser known and somewhat poorly regarded member of House Drumm. Unlikely to ever inherit any land or holdings, Dalton sought wealth and renown elsewhere which led to his untimely disappearance while raiding in Essos.

Dalton Drumm


Dalton was born sometime around 490 AC to Othgar Drumm and his salt wife Alys. Alys was of lowborn descent and was one of many women captured in the several raids that occured in 488 AC in the Blazewater bay. As a salt son Dalton was given the surname Drumm and held some claim (though weak) to the lordship of Old Wyk, unfortunately for Dalton this meant nothing to his father who despised his very existence. More than once Othgar had voiced his negative opinions of Dalton by saying that he should have drowned Alys after he freely took her into his chambers. When Dalton was still a toddler his mother Alys went for a late night walk and never returned, several days later a storm caused her drowned and bloated body to wash ashore on the shores of Old Wyk.

Othgar never thought Dalton would ever even be considered for the lordship of Old Wyk and decided to save himself both time and a little coin by completely disregarding a pricier lords education. Instead Dalton received a heavily martial focused education, being mentored by renowned warriors and ship captains. He began extensive training at the age of 8 that covered the use of spears, axes, and shields as well as ship navigation, survival skills, and numerous other things. At the age of 11 Dalton made the decision to allow one of several drowned priest located in Old Wyk fill his lungs with sea water while both Othgar and his mentors watched in an attempt to increase his fathers opinion of him.

While being drowned did nothing more than irritate his father, it did make his mentors proud enough to allow Dalton to join their next planned reaving in the Summer and Basilisk isles at the age of 12. By 17 Dalton was leading smaller bands of reavers to the disputed lands by himself which led his mentors to belive he had completed his education.

Important EventsEdit

Seventh Era Edit


Family MembersEdit

Alys, Mother (Deceased)

Othgar, Father

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