Dalton Greyjoy is the newborn son of Lord Aeron Greyjoy and Lady Masha Drumm. He is heir to the Iron Islands.

Recent HistoryEdit

Fourth EraEdit

Dalton Greyjoy was born.

Fifth EraEdit

Dalton's first word was said to be 'sea.'


“He spoke a word the night before last, ‘sea,’ his first. Urron believes it to be a good omen, a sign of the Drowned God’s blessing. He says Dalton will be a great leader one day, captain of ten dozen ships, like the Red Kraken of old. He says all men will fear the coming of his sails, that he will bring blood and death to those who have wronged us.” - Masha Drumm to Aeron Greyjoy

“He’s got a fire in him, hasn’t he? My boy.” - Aeron Greyjoy to Helya Volmark

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