Daven Kenning is the Lord of Kayce, a city in the Westerlands.


Daven in full armor with his bow.

History Edit

Daven is the oldest child of Lord Rollum Kenning and Lady Joanna Lannister of Lannisport. At age eight he was sent to Casterly Rock where he was fostered. On his thirteenth nameday he became a squire of Ser Jaime Foote, a knight sworn to Lord Loren Lannister. Sometime after his fifteenth nameday he met Damon Lannister who had returned from being fostered on Pyke, and the boys became life long friends. Daven was knighted at age nineteen by Ser Jaime as he lay on his deathbed.

After being knighted Daven returned home to Kayce where he joined up with the City Watch where he was made a lieutenant and given command of the city's archers. Under Daven's command they became an elite force whose ability was well known across the Westerlands. At age twenty-three Daven became Captain of the City Watch where he remained until his father's death four years later.

Important Events Edit

First Era Edit

Knights-warriors 00418858

Daven leading the archers of the Westerlands during the sack of King's Landing.

In the first era Daven was given command of the Kenning forces marching with the army of the Westerlands in war of the Ascent of the Lion. During which Daven was given command of the archers of the Westerlands with archers from Kayce making up it's elite.

Daven continued to fight for King Damon in both the Battle at Stonehelm, and the Battle at the Kingswood. In both battles Daven commanded the archers and helped crush the remaining Baratheon loyalists.

After the fighting Daven returned home to Kayce where he resumed his position as Captain of the City Watch.

Third Era Edit

In the third era Daven's father Lord Rollum became sick with the bloody flux that ran rampant across much of Westeros during the Spring Without Sun, and soon after died. Daven left his position as Captain of the City Watch and assumed his father's seat as Lord of Kayce. Soon after he traveled to King's Landing once again to swear fealty to King Damon. Upon his arrival he was tasked with training archers for the Goldcloaks in an attempt to protect the city in case Queen Danae Targaryen attacked King's Landing.

Daven did not fight in the War of the False King, but instead stayed in King's Landing with the Goldcloaks to protect the city. After the war Damon tasked Daven with yet another mission, this time to travel to Essos and track down a knight in service of the slain King Gylen Hightower raising sellswords.

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