Desmond of House Lannister Targaryen is the heir to the Iron Throne.

History Edit

Desmond, or "Des," is the first born child of King Damon Lannister and Queen Danae Targaryen, conceived in the Hightower at the end of the War of the False King. He is a sweet and well-behaved boy, though it could be said that the way in which the King has coddled him has made him less mature for his age than other children.

He enjoys hunting, hawking and watching his cousin Tygett Hill tilt. His father has forbid him from training at arms yet, though he is of the age considered most typical for beginning such training. He is fond of Ser Benfred Tanner's stories.

Family Edit

Damon Lannister, father

Danae Targaryen, mother

Daena Lannister Targaryen, sister