Devan Seaworth was the Lord of Seaworth Hall and Lord of the Rainwood.

History Edit

Devan was the eldest son and heir of Davos Seaworth and as a result, was groomed to be the successor to his father since a young age.

Baelor was educated by Maester Gallard, and trained at arms by various knights in the Stormlands. During his youth, Devan was sent to Storm's End in the hope that Lord Colen Baratheon would choose him as a ward. Instead, Devan's younger brother, Janos, was selected instead.

He attended the Tourney of Longtable with his father.

Devan later married Argella Mertyns and sired a pair of twins; Matthos and Torrhen Seaworth.

Important Events Edit

First Era Edit

Devan sided with House Baratheon during the Ascent of the Lion. Devan himself fought in the Battle of Stonehelm, but was captured. Devan Seaworth was later executed by Lord Orys Connington, and his sons taken as wards at Storm's End.

Family Members Edit

Janos Seaworth, brother

Argella Seaworth, wife

Matthos Seaworth, son

Torrhen Seaworth, son

Davos Seaworth, father - deceased

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