Donnor Glover is the Lord of Deepwood Motte after gaining the title due to his father's passing, he is a stark loyalist

History Edit

Lord Donnor as a child was trained to be a warrior and a diplomat, being the only child and rightful heir to the throne he was groomed to be the perfect lord, he hated being in court lived for being a fighter, when he got older he realized what was necessary and relaxed himself so he could be properly taught the ways of ruling his people, at a young age he came across thieves in the Deepwood, he chased them down and started a brawl, he killed two of the three but one slashed him across the face leaving a giant scar which he still bears today.

When he was twenty years old he met his wife, a fairly young northern girl who bore him two young boys which he named Benjen and Glendon, but even with her undying loyalty he cheated on her with another noble woman which he doesn't care to remember, she ended up bearing him another child Jez Glover, his wife died in birth at the time, but the noblewoman returned and gave him a child she was impregnated with after a year since his wife's death, he always told the child he was a regular Donnor but recently the child Arnell ran off.

Important events Edit


Fifth Era Edit

Lord Donnor was made lord of the Deepwood Motte

Family Members Edit

Eddard Glover, Father (deceased)

Sansa Snow, Mother (deceased)

Benjen Glover, Firstborn Son

Glendon Glover, Secondborn Son

Arnell Snow, Bastard Son

Jez Glover, Daughter

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