Draqaz Zo Pahl is the head of the Pahl family of New Ghis. He controls and deals with the entirety of the Pahl families investments in the slave trade. He is a sixty five year old man, and has greying hair and a long white beard.

History Edit


Draqaz was born into the large and influential Pahl family of New Ghis. Of 'pure' Ghiscari stock, Draqaz is proud of his ancestry and people, and revels in the fact that he can trace his ancestry to the glory days of the Harpy and its Ghiscari Empire. As a younger man, Draqaz did not shirk his duties as a citizen of New Ghis and joined up as a captain of the Ghiscari Lockstep Legions. He eventually reached the rank of general, helped in no short amount by his families money and bribes. When he left the lockstep legions, he became the head of the Pahl family's trade empire. An astute businessman, he now also takes care of the Pahl family’s considerable investments in the slave trade. It has been a life long dream of his to restore Ghis to its old power, and see the Harpy rise again.

Important Events Edit

Draqaz Zo Pahl lived in Lys for six years of his life, attempting to increase the Pahl families trade connections to the rest of the world. He narrowly escaped the coup five years ago as he was visiting family back in New Ghis at the time. Scarred by this close shave, he vowed to never return to any Free City. He now lives in New Ghis.

Family Members Edit

Galazza Zo Pahl, wife

Grazdan Zo Pahl, eldest son (deceased)

Grazdar Zo Pahl, twin child

Khrazz Zo Pahl, twin child

Unknown daughter

Unkown daughter

Ezzara Zo Pahl, youngest daughter

Miklaz, fiancee to Ezzara

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