Edmure Darry was born in 463 AC, He is the current Lord of Darry in the Riverlands.

History Edit

Edmure was born a third son of Lord Raymund Darry, as any third son he wasn't raised to be a Lord instead he grew in a militaristic enviroment meant to protect the next lord, his brother Cleos Darry; but destiny had Cleos died before ascendint to the Lordship at the end of 15 Cleos Darry drowned while swiming in the trident.

Even with Cleos dead Edmure was not meant for lordship, when his father Raymund died his brother Courtland Darry became head of the house; Courtland became a great lord and Edmure his trusted advisor but Edmure destiny was that of a lord not of a second born and in 483 AC his brother Courtland died of an infected wound.

A week after Courtland's dead Edmure was crowned Lord of Darry on that same year he married his all time love Roslyn Tully niece of the Lord of Riverrun; the couple soon had their first child Lyman afterwards for some reason or another the couple was not able to procreate until in 490 AC lady Roslyn gave birth to the families youngest children the twins Mariya and Willem.

Important Events Edit

  • 463 AC - Edmure is born.
  • 472 AC - Cleos Darry dies.
  • 476 AC - Courtland Darry is named Lord of Darry.
  • 482 AC - Edmure marries lady Roslyn Tully.
  • 483 AC - Courtland Darry dies. Lyman Darry is born.
  • 490 AC - Mariya and Willem Darry are born.

Family Members Edit

  • Edmure Darry
    • Roslyn Tully, wife.
      • Lyman Darry, son and heir.
      • Mariya Darry, daughter.
      • Willem Darry, son.
  • Courland Darry, brother (deceased).
  • Cleos Darry, brother (deceased).

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