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Edmyn Plumm is the second son and third child of Lord Ossifer and Lady Cyrenna.

History Edit

Edmyn was born in the Runefort, House Plumm's ancient seat. His House's bad relationship with House Lannister made it so that he was never sent to Casterly Rock to be fostered as is customary for noble westermen.

And so he grew up in his father's lands as the youngest child. As a noble of an an ancient House he has never wanted for anything and has grown up under the protection of his mother, who has always seen Edmyn as her favorite child. All this has made him "soft" in the eyes of his family and others. He is very well educated, speaking High Valyrian, two Free City dialects and some of the Summer Tongue. He reads much and knows more, but all this has come greatly at the cost of his skill at arms.

Recent History Edit


Family Members Edit

Ossifer Plumm, father

Cyrenna Plumm, mother

Philip Plumm, brother

Joanna Plumm, sister

Maynard Plumm, uncle

Quotes Edit

"He was a man of philosophy and language, not sword and shield" - Edmyn's thoughts

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