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Edric Forrester is the heir to the Lordship of Ironrath, and a prominent fighter in the Forrester's army. He appears to be in his mid-twenties.

History Edit

Edric is the first born son of Lord Bryan Forrester and Lady Jayne Forrester, also the twin of Bethany Forrester. As a young boy, Edric showed he was a natural leader, he would be the one of his group of friends and siblings to make the plans for what games they would play in the grove, and what time they would need to go back home, and everyone listened to him. As he grew he also became quite strong, although even as a young teen he had much pride, he was also smart, and quick.

Despite his mothers strict orders on the matter, Edric became best friends with his half-brother, Rickard, not minding his bastard status, and even offering to get him legitimized when they grew up. The two were practically inseparable by their teen years, whether it was practicing with swords and bows, or exploring the ironwood forests. They developed a friendly rivalry, constantly coming up with ways to best the other, and both boys enjoyed it well into adulthood. As they grew up however, their interests greatly changed, Edric wanted to continue to learn to be a better lord, whereas Rickard wanted to join the Night's Watch. While this was a big difference in interests, it only strengthened their bond. Edric also was very close to his uncle, Cedrik, who taught him his lessons and how to be a more political lord.

At his nameday feast, when he was 13, Edric was forced to watch his father fight, and kill, his uncle Olyvar, and it was an event that changed how Edric saw what must be done as a leader, which gave him a serious, and grave attitude towards lordly business. At 20, his twin sister , Bethany, died of a fever, which brought home Rickard from the Wall, and created a large, and dark mark in Ironrath, as all of Ironrath seemed to grieve for the young lady.

Recent History Edit

Fourth Era Edit

After the lose of his sister Bethany, Edric nearly went mad on a brutish rampage across the grove, whacking his sword into the trees and screaming. Locals of Ironrath called it the "Silent Night" because of the pure silence that rang throughout Ironrath that day, only shortly interrupted by the quiet screams of Edric in the distance.

Quotes Edit

"Edric is strong, and proud, as a lord should be, but his pride is something he places above all else, and that, I fear, is what will kill him someday." -Rickard Snow

"I once feared his rivalry with Rickard, would become like mine with Olyvar. But the two are much closer, and act more like brothers than me and Olyvar ever did. I feel either of them would rather stab themselves than kill each other, and I hope it stays that way." -Bryan Forrester

"The boy is a warrior for sure, but how soon until the battle will fade, and he will have to deal in politics? I'm here to ensure he won't fall over himself in court.'' -Cedrik Forrester

Family Members Edit

Bryan Forrester, father

Jayne Forrester, mother

Bethany Forrester, sister (deceased)

Rickard Snow, half-brother

Sarra Forrester, sister

Cedrik Forrester, uncle

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