Youngest child and son of Alysanne Rogers. Heir to the Amberly and squire for Ser Quentyn of Tarth.

History Edit

At a young age he lost his father and elder brother in the Ascent of the Lion. Shortly after Alysanne managed to have him squire for Ser Quentyn, a Knight of the Kingsguard in order to foster some friendliness with the crown.

Important Events Edit

First Era Edit

After losing his father and brother he began to squire for Ser Quentyn.

Second Era Edit

Edward continued to squire for Ser Quentyn.

Third Era Edit

Still a squire for Ser Quentyn, Edward stole a sword from two alleged Hedge Knights in a duel at the Tournament of the Hand. Ser Quentyn promptly chose to shatter it to teach the boy a lesson.

Fourth Era Edit

Fought in the War of the False King. He was injured in the Battle of Hornhill. While recovering from his injuries Edward decided to rescue an innkeepers daughter from bandits. Almost dying in the process, he was rescued by Ser Quentyn.

 Family Edit

Alysanne Rogers, mother

Henry Rogers, father-deceased

Godric Rogers, brother- deceased

Myranda Rogers, sister

Myrcella Rogers, sister

Danny Storm, brother

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