Elena Estermont (now Crakehall) is the eldest daughter of Lord Aemon Estermont and Jeyne Estermont (Lannister).

Recent HistoryEdit

Fifth Era Edit

In a match arranged by her cousin, King Damon Lannister, Elena married Lord Eon Crakehall at Casterly Rock.

Quotes Edit

"Elena will make a good wife. She's very comely. A bit shy, in the bookish way, but polite and pleasant in the company of others. She knows her prayers but isn't zealous, uses courtesies but isn't overly ingratiating, and enjoys courtly entertainment but isn't shallow or slow. I don't expect you will have any complaints." - Jeyne Estermont to Eon Crakehall.

"Elena is most like her father," he remembered the Lady Estermont explaining, "steadfast and reserved." - Thoughts of Eon Crakehall.


Aemon Estermont, father

Jeyne Estermont, mother

Eon Crakehall, husband

Martin Estermont, brother (deceased)

Willas Estermont, brother

Bennet Estermont, brother

Eldon Estermont, brother

Katelyn Estermont, brother