Eleyna Dalt is the eldest of three daughters of Ser Lomas Dalt, the current Knight of Lemonwood.

History Edit

Eleyna was born into House Dalt, a knightly House of Dorne who came with Nymeria across the Narrow Sea. She was also born to a father who wanted boys. Ser Lomas made no secret this disdain at the birth of Eleyna, and it seemed the Seven cursed him for this as they gave him nothing but two more girls in exchange. Eleyna has no love for her father, and there is bad history between the two. Her mother died some years back, but there was no love between either of them as well. She cares only for the wellfare of her sisters, Casella Dalt and Janna Dalt, House Dalt and Dorne.

She grew up at Lemonwood, but spent much time in nearby Plankytown. A favourite pastime of hers is to tend to her families gardens. She has some skill at riding and hunting, but next to none at fighting. Eleyna always dreamed of marrying a proud Dornish lord, but as of yet her father has forbidden her marriage for reasons which are… personal. Ser Lomas Dalt has also not permitted her to leave Lemonwood unaccompanied for the past four years, and so she has not seen much of Dorne or its people.

She has long black hair, piercing brown eyes and a comely face. She is of salty Dornish descent, and her skin is tanned from the Dornish sun. She prefers to wear elegant dresses, but is comfortable in armoured leather riding gear as well.

Important Events Edit

The Fifth Era Edit

Eleyna murdered her father, Ser Lomas, using Tears of Lys, and became the head of House Dalt. She also took Lord Eustace Toland into her bed, with the intention to marry him afterwards, after he arrived requesting her to raise a levy for Princess Sarella.

The Sixth Era Edit

Elayna relinquished her claim to Lemonwood in favour of her uncle Trystane Dalt. She ran off with Eustace Toland the day afterward.

Family Members Edit

Lomas Dalt, father

Casella Dalt, sister

Janna Dalt, sister

Trystane Dalt, uncle

Quenton Dalt, cousin

Maron Dalt, cousin

Arthur Dalt, cousin

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