Elia Sand 2

Elia Sand is the sharp-tongued, volatile and headstrong scion of Lord Gargalen. She is known to be sexually promiscuous and has taken seven paramours throughout her life. Her current lover is Doran Sand, an old sweetheart from youth at the Water Gardens.

History Edit

Elia is the daughter of Lord Gargalen and a Dornish wet nurse.

She was sent to the Water Gardens like many and whilst there lost her virginity to Doran Sand.

Throughout her life, she has taken many paramours. She married Harmen Qorgyle after snaking her way into his bed and gave him a son. However, Elia was always envious of how Maron Qorgyle would inherit over her own son, and she generally treated him unfairly in retaliation. She also developed a rivalry with Tremond Qorgyle.

Sometime after the marriage, Doran Sand reappeared in her life and she took him as her seventh paramour.

Recent History Edit

First Era Edit

Harmen and Elia's relationship broke down completely. The bastard had grown cynical and angered at how her husband smothered his eldest son whilst neglecting Guilan, whilst Harmen grew suspicious and distrustful of his wife's sexual nature. Eventually, despite still being labelled as man and wife, Elia travelled away and took residence in her home at Salt Shore.

Fifth Era Edit

Elia received a letter informing her of her husband's death. She showed no signs of remorse or grief, and it seems conclusive that she never loved him.

Quotes Edit

Family Members Edit

Lord Gargalen, father

Gulian Qorgyle, son

Harmen Qorgyle, husband (deceased)

Tremond Qorgyle, brother-in-law

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