Lady Elinor Sarwyck is the second and only living child of Ser Edric Sarwyck, castellan of House Sarwyck's manse in King's Landing. Her mother, the daughter of a King's Landing Merchant, died while Elinor was young. She is the older cousin of Cellador Sarwyck, Laena Sarwyck, and the bastard Jason Hill. Her uncle is Lord Stafford Sarwyck of Riverspring.

Appearance Edit

Elinor is elegant and fair with long raven-black hair and dark blue eyes.

Elinor has a penchant for fine clothing and jewelry.

History Edit

Elinor is the second born child of Ser Edric Sarwyck, Elinor had a rather privileged childhood, her maternal grandfather, a well-off trader and businessman supplied her and her family with enough money to live more than comfortably in her father's family home.

Elinor's mother was a meek woman who was prone to fits of illness and depression. She died while Elinor was only five. Ser Edric never fully recovered from his wife's death and it soon fell to Elinor's older brother, Alesander, to look over the families manse and properties.

Disaster struck Elinor's close family again when Alesander passed unexpectedly from disease. The loss of Alesander was an unwelcome wake up call to Ser Edric and he resumed his management of the family estate once again.

In 499 AC, Elinor's cousin, Cellador arrived in King's Landing to be tutored by Ser Edric. Elinor quickly became her younger cousin's main confidant and friend, and Cellador would follow Elinor around like a lost puppy.

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