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Eustace Toland is the Lord of Ghost Hill.

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Being an only son, Eustace has had the model upbringing that could be expected of a Dornish Lord. He has been raised to always consider the interests of Dorne before any other Kingdoms. His teaching has caused him to have quiet a disdain for Kings Landing and the Targaryens as have many of his ancestors before him. With his father's recent passing and his new role as Lord of Ghost Hill he is eager to prove his worth to his Princess.

Eustace is witty and well trained in swordplay and riding. Yet oddly enough his passion is the seas. He hopes to one day build a harbor on the Broken Arm so that he may raise a fleet and grow his house into a naval power.

Eustace is of average height and build possessing the fiery red hair and hazel eyes of his family. He is often well dressed in the colors of his house.

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Fifth Era Edit

In the fifth era, Eustace traveled to Sunspear, where Sarella Martell tasked him with raising the Dornish banners in anticipation of Andrey Martell staking a claim for her throne following his legitimization at the order of King Damon Lannister.

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