Ezzara Zo Pahl is the youngest child of Draqaz Zo Pahl, having only recently turned 17. She lives in New Ghis with the rest of the Pahl family. She is good looking, and the pride of her father.


History Edit

Captain Miklaz of the Ghiscari Lockstep Legions has asked for her hand in marriage. At present they are engaged.

Quotes Edit

Although only past her seventeenth birthday, Ezzara was the only one of Draqaz's three boys and two girls who even remotely wanted to continue in the family business. Draqaz Zo Pahl, on Ezzara

Family Edit

Galazza Zo Pahl, mother

Draqaz Zo Pahl, father

Grazdan Zo Pahl, brother (deceased)

Grazdar Zo Pahl, brother

Khrazz Zo Pahl, brother

Unknown sister

Unknown sister

Miklaz, her fiancee

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