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Garlan Grafton, The Lord of Gulltown


Garlan inherited the Lordship of Gulltown after his father was slain during the Ascent of the Lion. His father had given Garlan the best training he could afford. The training ranged from how to use a sword to how to manage the books of Gulltown. He took to the sword much better than the books. He has the same philosophy for both though, hit them hard enough and you'll win. Nobody actually understands what that means but it has worked well for him this far.

Garlan was close to his father, Gerold. His father was an honorable man and unlike Garlan was conservative in the way he lived. His mother died when he was young. Garlan is a proud, impulsive man, and a brilliant warrior. A good friend and a ruthless enemy.

Garlan is known in Gulltown for his extravagant lifestyle and dangerous attitude. When Garlan makes an enemy he does whatever he can to make them miserable and for that reason he has few enemies.


Gerold Grafton- Garlan's father died during the Ascent of the Lion.

Patrek Grafton- Garlan's younger brother, around 20 years old. 

House Grafton's Sigil:A burning tower in yellow, within a black pile, upon flaming red.